Hey Kevin:

Thanks! I had 4 verses in mind - then settled on 5. When I got to 5, I couldn't fit everything I wanted to say so it went to 6. I was bothered some and then I thought, "You're not trying to get this on the radio - just make it as long as it needs to be" grin

Glad the story worked for you...Thanks for the confirmation on that line...

Hey Riky:

Not just once but a few times? Thanks!

You have an excellent point about the chorus. I guess, including the final lines, that this section could be interpreted as an evolving chorus. In any event, I guess it tries to do what a chorus does anyway.

I scanned that photo because I thought I'd put it on the cover of the jewel case when I give the song to Ann. Put it here because sometimes it's nice to be able to put a face to people you're hearing about.

Thanks guys!