Hey Sub:

I threw every instrument I had at this, except for my mom-in-law's fiddle. I'd have thrown that too if I could have. grin

Yeah, thought I had to put something different in each verse to keep it from getting stale...

Was kinda different to put this together because I didn't have to make anything up - just figure out how to place it smile

Hey T-Bob:

That's a great suggestion. I'll find out if he ever called her Annie. I knew him for the last five years of his life and I don't think I heard him call her by that but he might have...I know other people have...

Ha - I don't know what Clint's up to. But he DOES seem to produce a lot of songs in a short period of time and then take a break for awhile. Maybe this is one of his breaks grin

Thanks guys!


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