Hey Scott...

Love it! It's one of those songs that after you hear it, it just stays with you. I'll probably be singing the darned thing when I go to bed tonight!

I have but 2 small nits. The first one has been addressed already: The one-syllable "Ann" really sticks out. The other one is in the second verse. You wrote "Made my tattered heart feel whole". Tattered usually means that something has been beaten up pretty good or is in bad shape due to wear and tear. I don't think that is what you mean here. How about this: "Made my empty heart feel whole". If he was simply lacking that special woman, his heart would have been empty rather than tattered. Just my take...KOS!

But, I really do like this one...a lot! In fact, of all of yours that I have heard, this is either my favorite, or right near the top. Thanks for sharing! And I love the photo. I am a Genealogist, so old pictures are always a treat!



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