Dark Side of The Moon Ensemble Seeks Keys, Pedal Steel

Several local Detroit musicians, most with a long history of acquaintance, have come together recently in order to stage a production of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon in its entirety. Together, we seek a keyboardist and pedal steel guitarist to round out the ensemble.

Guitars, bass, drums, all male and female vocals, and saxophone have all been covered. In order to truly move the project forward from this point, we need these last two pieces of the puzzle set into place. (Those who have vocal abilities will be given preference, as there are multiple harmonies that could be reproduced more accurately with more voices.)

It must be noted that this project is much more a labor of love than it is an effort to capitalize monetarily.

While we are well-connected in the local scene, we don’t presently envision more than five performances at venues around the area. Our collective desire and vision is to play some timeless music with great fellow performers for appreciative audiences, and to be able to say that we did a respectable job that does justice and pays homage to the album.

We envision rehearsing as an ensemble about twice a month, with “sectional” rehearsals as arranged by those who need to participate, until we feel the production is ready to bring to the public. We anticipate a need for professionalism and courtesy in that some of individuals’ personal time outside of rehearsals will need to be dedicated to learning and arranging parts independently.

Rehearsal space is actively being sought out. We live throughout the metro area, though southeastern Oakland county is our most central point. Kudos and possible preference given to any interested party that may be able to host rehearsals.

Finally, though this project is focused on a limited engagement, we also consider this to be open-ended. That is to say, we very well may continue on working together after the last DSOTM performance. We all get along quite well and none are opposed to this limited project opening up into a broader scope down the line.

Please contact one of the following individuals if interested:

Alan Rutter: alanjrutter@hotmail.com

Johnathan Gogoleski: jgogoleski@ameritech.net

Paul Bastian: pauledwardsbass@hotmail.com