For years, I wasted a lot of time combing through Youtube videos, trying to find a teacher who can teach me how to play lead guitar.

I played Rhythm guitar for decades, but each time I made an honest attempt to learn how to play lead, it was such a frustrating process, that I found myself giving up.

There were some good players on Youtube, but most did not know how to teach lead guitar, without dragging me through mind numbing theory, or confusing me more than anything else.

Finally, I figured out how to play lead.

I can teach you to play in any key, in any genre and across the entire neck and to walk into any room, pick up a guitar and jam in key with anyone without any prep.

Before learning how to play lead, everything I played sounded like a car wreck. Now, as you can hear, it sounds pretty darn good. This is a sample of my playing straight through without any punch ins and without having to think about what to play next.

If you're interested in taking lessons, email me at Rates are reasonable and the lessons are done through the net.

I find that playing lead opened up a whole new world. It is immensely satisfying, fun and impressive.