Rebel son, I know you well,
I walked that path your on
and it led straight to hell....
I can feel your angst
because I once was you
never listened to my Papa
wailing old folks blues.....

Left a home I hated,
to be on my own,
never sent a single letter
or picked up a phone,
learned new ways to suffer
on the streets alone,
then I dragged my
scraggly ass back home
all skin and bone.

R E B E L-- S O N....
I know you well,
and you don't give a damn
about the stories I tell,
But rebel sons all
come back some day..
when they realize the terrible
price they have to pay.

I slept in many unlocked cars
on cold chilly nights
Shared God's warmth in open churches
though my soul wasn't right.
I scrabbled for my food,
ate anything I could find,
dumpster diving cause I had
to have my bottles of wine.

Rebel son, the devil's got your goat,
he'll lead you to the darkest depths
where dreams don't float.....
too many like you
have wound servicing men
to feed their cruel addictions
in back alleys bent.

Please come back soon
we'll always hold your room,
as a haven from the madness
that could be your tomb,
My prodigal son, whom I cannot blame,
you wallowed in my footsteps,
follow them home again.....

Rebel son, we'll wait for you,
It took me quite a while
to know whose love was true,
the door's always open
come on home and be,
retired from rebellion.....
end it just like me.
My precious Rebel son............

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
MFB III Productions-(c)-2019-revised