There are many of these folks who don't seek recognition or fame yet do what they think is right when the situation comes calling.


c2018 Brian Beecher

The atmosphere was friendly and sociable
On the cruise ship late one night
Guy cozies up with his lover
By the lantern for some light

From one social engagement to another
The panic alarm would sound
Seems the ship had somehow hit an object
And was beginning to go down
Out of nowhere came an accidental hero
Who radioed an S O S
And the whole ship would be put to the test

The folks wondered if they’d still be alive
By the time any help would arrive
The hero he would plead for calm
Assuring folks that help would soon come
And there would be joy to be found
One their feet would land on solid ground
But he knew they’d have to get there first

All through history there’ve been accidental heroes
Like the woman who wouldn’t go to the back of the bus
It accidentally would set her people free
There was the CEO who when the mill burned down
Who paid the workers so they could stay afloat
Even though such action was not in vogue

There was the pilot who found a solution when
The plane was hit by birds and the engines went
He needed to get it to the ground
Pushing against the problem he’d take a breath
If he made an error it was certain death
But he made safe landing and all survived

Like Sully the ship’s hero sought out inspiration
And even though there was some hesitation
The rescue ships came in
And he knew the folks would win
Thank goodness for the accidental hero
Who watches out for me and you
He or she is waiting in the wings come what may
And we may just need one some day