“Green Is The Color.”

Green is the color
of the dress that she wore
emerald encrusted
it draped to the floor
so slinky and sexy
enhancing her curves
her hips moving like a Porsche
on tight hairpin curves.
Her turquoise eyes graced me
with a curious gaze
that’ll I’ll never forget
for the rest of my days,
and the breeze of her scent
only served to torment
because I could not have her
in so many ways
Her lips formed a soft curve
as she passed and moved on
leaving urges inside me
that would never be gone
We all have that dream girl
That we’ll never know
but we know her in ways
only dreaming can show
Love knows no boundaries
but society’s rules
demand strict adherence
those well-off can be cruel
and one’s great social status
can be turned into crap
when love’s boundless desires
do not follow what’s mapped
Misery may deserve company
but not when shared by lovers
theirs was meant to share ecstacy
Blessed by Father’s and Mothers
Granted by their religions
and their ethnicity
Far too many fall shunned
living lives without pity
Thus Green is the color
of my eyes filled with envy
even though she might love me
her class would not defend me
She’s a queen, I’m a pauper,
She’s a goddess, I’m trash
But I swear she winked at me
as she slowly walked past.
Green was the color
of that dress that she wore
it was made out of money
of which I would need more
but my new favorite color
will be green evermore

Stellar music Created, played \
& arranged by-Ingvar Tautra ©-2019
Vocals, Lyrics & Melody line by
Matthew F. Blowers III-©-2019