You all know I love writing sappy love songs. This ain't one of those. Picture slow screaming guitars!

I Wear My Heart

I wear my heart like a shirt
Right now itís made of hair
I wish I could take it off
And throw it down somewhere
Your love has been torture
From first sight to the last
I need to burn that memory
Just put it in the past

Turnaround 4 bars

I wear my heart like a shirt
For everyone to see
So now Iím hiding in my room
Sparing others misery
I canít take all the questions
What makes you look so sad
You used to be so happy
Is it really all that bad

Turnaround 4 Bars

I wear my heart like a shirt
It was a silk rainbow
Now it is an agony
Itís broken donít you know
I just had to have you
To make my life complete
Beautiful turned ugly
Like potholes in the street

Instrumental Break

I wear my heart like a shirt
Will you help me please
Do you have the antidote
To cure this disease
Do you have the kind of love
To put this in the past
Make me forget the hurt
Thatís all that I can ask

Copyright 8/2020 John W Selleck BMI


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