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Some new art

Posted By: Michael James Moore

Some new art - 11/25/08 08:13 AM

Sorry guys i forgot how to do the open page link thing.Hope to use my art to help the homeless here in Oceanside.Gonna take off from music at least a year so my ears can rest.Thanks so much to all my friends here.I know everyone is going through hard times.Best regards,mjm
Posted By: Uncle Steve

Re: Some new art - 11/25/08 04:30 PM

All the best to you Michael. I believe that these hard times will bring out the best in people as well as the best people.

Posted By: Joice Marie

Re: Some new art - 11/27/08 04:47 PM

Hi Michael

Wishing you the best of holidays. I enjoyed these a lot. Thanks for sharing - you do such colorful and beautiful work ! jm
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