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"The Gangster Trap."-by-J.A. Prod.Beat & Me!

Posted By: MFB III

"The Gangster Trap."-by-J.A. Prod.Beat & Me! - 12/04/19 04:15 AM

The Gangster Trap!

I chose to become
a Gangster
at an early age
just to feed my rage
on the south side of Chicago
where my life took a turn
to a bloodier page.
cause that windy city
took no pity
on an Average Joe
where poverty sucked
so I found mo.
As a teen I fell
to the allure
of the local gangs,
a sure cure
to my being broke
and failing school
hey man, having no cash is cruel
So I braved their strict initiation
that was required
for me to join ‘em
but someone had to
die by my hand
my victim was picked
by the flip of a coin, man!
Only fifteen lean and hungry
with a glock tucked in my pants
hunting down
my chosen target
knowing I just
had one chance.
I crept up on him
in an alley
as he left some crummy bar,
I fired three shots and I tallied
my first kill, he didn’t get far.

The gang’s instructions
made it clear
I had to bring
back a souvenir,
and as I walked
up next to him
his eyes filled with fear
I cut off his ear.
He was a rival gang member
who had pissed off the
leader of my new homies
and my target had existed only
till I was chosen to hunt him
to be my first trophy.
I was a shorty who
went on to mule drugs and
collect debts that were overdue
I was a top enforcer
you didn’t want me chasing you.
I was a baller
with a doo rag of red
it was the last thing
that many saw
before they wound up dead
I flew the colors as I sliced,
shot or smothered enemies
of my brothers in the hood
as a member I was real, real, good
but I got hooked on
Drop eight balls
and then I screwed up some deals
costing my brothers cash flow
violating the street code
Soon enough I was marked
SOS …shoot on sight
I had to flee from their turf
or wind up ten toes down
in the dead of the night.
Only 21 and marked for a coffin
all the hustling I did
was so quickly forgotten
and I did not get too far
One night as I walked out
of a crummy bar
In an alleyway heading to my car
three shots rang out
piercing my marked flesh
as my face and the pavement
became enmeshed.
just another tally
on a new gangsters gun
making him my replacement
for the wrongs I had done

"Hey, Gangster
you really screwed up good
they sent me to kill you.
you're out of the brotherhood
you'll wind up in a dumpster
with the garbage and trash,
I'll wind up as your replacement
I'm gonna be a smash
Enjoy the hell you're going to
I see you someday when I get there
but for now your life is through
your life is through
I did what i had to do.....

When I opened my eyes
I was on the dark side
where all evil is flung
in a rapid descent.
and I met my creator
the most wicked of pranksters
The beast who'd do me in
The true King of all gangsters.
he laughed in my face
because I fell for his [naughty word removed]
yeah man i fell for his [naughty word removed]!!
then he threw my flesh into
a deep and dark pit
where all of the men
I had killed were sent to
obey the guards
who were demons
ordering them all to skew
every part of my body
with swords, shivs and knives
turning me into Swiss cheese
but I was still alive
at least I think I was
but I don't reallyknow
and I knew then I’d be
my victims target and bleed
endlessly, viciously
in a gang banging Ball
for all eternity…..eeee .,…eeeeee ….eeeee
all eternity...all eternit
help me please...all eternity

Music created, played and arranged by-
J. A. Prod. Beat-©-2019
Vocals, Lyrics and melody line by-
Matthew Frederick Blowers III-©-2019
Posted By: Travis david

Re: "The Gangster Trap."-by-J.A. Prod.Beat & Me! - 12/05/19 01:06 PM

One hell of a right Matt, if I had to perform this I'd need a succession of idiot boards
Well thought through
Posted By: David_Pulizzi

Re: "The Gangster Trap."-by-J.A. Prod.Beat & Me! - 12/05/19 04:25 PM

I admire your creative spirit, Matt, and I very much enjoy listening to your songs. Once again, this one sounds like nothing I've ever heard before (except maybe for other songs of yours that I've heard). The music's cool, as is the voice and delivery of the narrator. The story flows nicely from beginning to end. I'm wondering what inspired you to write this song. In any case, it's a good one, and I'm glad to have heard it. Thanks for posting. ... David
Posted By: MFB III

Re: "The Gangster Trap."-by-J.A. Prod.Beat & Me! - 12/06/19 05:34 AM

Hey Travis, it's a lot to consume and the spew out into a microphone, but I love to tell stories and that urge sometimes works out well enough to become a unique song. I already have it memorized because I sang it a whole lot of times over when I recorded it. So no idiot boards for me. LOL Thanks for your listen and your comment.
Posted By: MFB III

Re: "The Gangster Trap."-by-J.A. Prod.Beat & Me! - 12/06/19 05:41 AM

Hey Dave, My spirit demands that I go against the flow, step out of that standard music box and create something that's not been heard before in a genre that probably doesn't exist. As to what inspired it, I had a cousin who was a gangster
and who was killed in a robbery at his home by other gangsters, because he had talked too much about a trip he was taking and the money he was going to blow when he got there. He was shotgunned in the chest through hs front door, it was closed at the time, but he managed to open it and wing and shoot up two of the three attacking him with his pistol before he bled out in his girlfriends arms. He was only 27 at the time. Such a waste. Thanks for your very heartwarming comment and listen. There are some people out there who get me and what I am trying to do. They number in the thousands thankfully and you are one of them and I thank you for that. ~~Matt
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