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Latter Days

Posted By: Songbird52

Latter Days - 06/29/20 05:43 PM

There's trouble in the west,
and trouble in the east,
there's bad news in the evening,
all the way down
from the greatest to the least.

An' ya don't know if you're dyin,
or it's just another phase,
ah you don't know, an' no one knows
is this really the latter days.

Is it just another phase,
or is this really the latter days.

An' the sky it's a'falling,
rivers of tears are everywhere,
in our eyes, and in our skies,
all the warning signs are there.

Oh the warning bells are ringing
and angels sound the horn,
as the old days are dy-ying
and the future's tryin to be born.

An' the best are the worst,
and the worst are on the throne,
the cathedrals are crumbling,
and the brave have turned and run.

There's a war now up in heaven,
there's a battle goin on,
and we don't know who's the enemy
or which side we're fightin on.

Posted By: Songbird52

Re: Latter Days - 07/04/20 01:27 PM

Changed to MP3.
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