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Escalade (instrumental)

Posted By: Kolstad

Escalade (instrumental) - 07/06/10 06:18 PM

3'rd track for my instrumental cd. Hoping someone will like it, and even better, use it in their production blush

Escalade (2'nd mix)

Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/08/10 12:09 AM

I did a remix, for what it's worth, so a quiet bump just for the order of things.. :-)
Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/08/10 01:04 AM

Hi Magne,

These instrumentals have been really cool to listen to. There was a free flowing feel to this one, light and airy with the synth sounds and the guitar? if that's what it is. The thing that bothered me was the drum, it was so regimented and stiff, it felt like it was in the way of the freeness of the rest of the instruments. Have you tried it without the drum? Just a thought.
Cool song nonetheless.

Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/08/10 01:31 PM

Hi Ricki,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to work something out with the drums. It's definitely a do'able.. I'll give it a listen without the beat.

Yeah, I hope most of the pieces (this is 3rd/10-12) will get that light and airy feel to them. Instruments are mostly guitar & piano with different synths, strings and other sampled instruments to provide rhythms and textures.
Posted By: Mike Caro Substudio

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/14/10 10:25 AM


I think it could fit lots of places pitch wise, tv commercial came to mind first.

A sexy fragrance or a sleek car...

Nice work pal

Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/14/10 10:34 PM

Are you saying I have a moneymaker on my hands Mike? Huh? Huh?
Hehe, that'll be the first time..

Love cars!

Appreciate you took the time, buddy!
Posted By: Beth G. Williams

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/14/10 11:16 PM

Hey Mag,

Having spent a fair share of my adult life working for the automotive industry, I'm going to chime in with Mike. This could be a way cool brand soundtrack. Given the market for Ford's Escalade, it might be a fun one to shoot for.

BTW, I wasn't terribly bothered by the drums...they sort of moved the piece along in my mind.

Good luck!
Posted By: Michael Downing

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/15/10 12:23 AM

I enjoyed this. The drums while regimented, didn't bother me. I am envious of the talent that people have around here with sequencers, etc...

Thanks for sharing.

Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/15/10 01:57 PM

Thanks Beth & Michael,

I wasn't aware Ford had a model out named Escalade. I used it because it's French for mountain climbing, and I figured both the French reference and the climbing, could be a good descriptive title for a music supervisor.

Michael, sequencing is pretty easy. Once you can find your way around the programmes, you just play and.. sequence :-)

Appreciate the time you took to listen and comment!
Posted By: Tom Breshers

Re: Escalade (instrumental) - 07/15/10 05:39 PM


Really nice textures...could work for commercials or movies.

Flows nicely...

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